distancing day 167 thoughts:

1. I made a plan for today and, then, Mari woke up at 5 with a fever and a headache. Mari has always always always been our most delicate flower. If one of the kids catches something and brings it home, what might be the sniffles to them will knock fairy Mari on her adorable little booty. I, of course, couldn’t find our thermometer today when I needed it, so I had to write my neighbor at 6 to borrow hers. I was discombobulated because it was so early and I couldn’t find a single bra even though I have dozens. So, I went outside with a my little pony fleece blanket wrapped around me like a beach towel so I didn’t get arrested for indecent exposure because these gals have a mind of their own. Marian’d fever didn’t start out that high at 100.4, but ended up getting to 103 even with Tylenol. I don’t get too concerned about fevers until they’re in the 104.5+ range medicated. Then, it’s Annie get your keys because my minivan is gonna come in smoking to the urgent care like Dukes of Hazard with no effs given. She never got that far and *knock on wood* she doesn’t tonight. Poor MB only wanted mommy to hold her all day long, which I mostly did. I snuck away long enough to catch Clara up on something she accidentally skipped over and I helped Laurel with some school. Other than that? I spent the day cuddling my sick baby because she was puny. I knew it was going to be that kind of day when she told me first thing this morning “I don’t wanna play outside today, I just want to watch tv.” SOMEBODY CALL THE NATIONAL GUARD THIS BABY IS SICK.

2. While Marian was being super pitiful, Clara had developed an abscess along a cut/scrape she had on her knee. She was hobbling around as if she were auditioning for Gollum. When she finally brought her dramatics level from a 16/10 back down to an acceptable 8/10, I was able to look at it and ascertain it was a pistachio sized abscess that she wouldn’t let me touch. I had cold compresses going on Marian‘s forehead and warm compresses on Clara’s knee to maybe drain it a bit and all the while I was hoping an adultier adult would come swooping in and tell me what to do. No adultier adults stopped by, but Clara. the invalided, was wrestling with her brother and managed to break open her cut- releasing the pressure inside. That’s apparently all it needed. Clara is back good as new and we put some neosporin on it. If Clara has to go get it drained professionally tomorrow. I’m bringing Marian along and seeing if I can get a punch card or something. The hair dresser and Subway have one- who do I need to talk to about getting those for doctors?


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