distancing day 169 thoughts:

I don’t know where the weekend went but it’s gone now. I will miss it.

1. Today we went to Memorial Park to play at the playground and it’s shady and huge and awesome. I don’t know why we haven’t gone there before. There is a lake there that’s overrun with toxic algae but the breeze was nice too even if it was maybe green tinted.

2. We had lunch at Smashburger and ate outside in a sorta amphitheater thing but there was plenty of distance between us and others and Smashburger was delicious as usual. I really hope wherever we move next has Smashburger. Part of the beauty and the curse of moving all the time is sometimes you discover a restaurant that gives you all the yummy feels and it’s joyous! Sometimes you move away from those restaurants and you’re a sad bunny. Whataburger, in particular, lives on in our hearts.

3. 3 of my kids aren’t great sleepers. Part of it is sleep apnea and part of it is… idk, but I’m sure it’s my fault somehow. Guess which 3 kids passed ooooouuuuutttt while we were watching Church tonight? You betcha. Those three. We are about to be the most Church goingist family you ever met if it gets the kids down without a hassle. Then, again, maybe Monsignor makes house calls.


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