distancing day 170 thoughts:

Today was a busy one. I started the day doing chores and putting laundry away because, honestly, if I didn’t put the laundry away I was going to end up divorced and the little old lady who lived in the laundry bin with a whole bunch of children I hate doing laundry for. That was a run on sentence that ended in a preposition, but 1. I don’t care and 2. I was an English Major, so I know I can write semi-ok at least when I choose to write that way. I turned on my Nike Run app and tracked how many indoor miles I “ran” while I was doing housework. It’s 4.25 miles just up and down and in and around my house in case you were wondering. Also, in case you were wondering further, I still haven’t put all my laundry away. I got all of it done but the little girls’ and mine and then my children were ravenous and I was afraid things were going to take a The Most Dangerous Game turn if we didn’t scoot.

The kids and I went to Olive Garden for lunch and brought Art of Language along with us to do while we waited since this morning was for chores. I’m gonna be super duper honest that I was feeling really guilty that we didn’t get up and knock our work out straight away but then I remembered that we homeschool and homeschool doesn’t have to look like traditional school. We can homeschool on the roof at 9pm if we want to and nobody can tell me that we can’t except good sense. I was thankful that Olive Garden wasn’t crowded because ya know the rona and also because we were hunkered down with our 8373 books and I didn’t want to take up a table forever if it was busy and people were waiting. The kids did really well considering all the distractions and only one of our books got schmeared in Alfredo sauce. We weren’t planning on selling our books and now it smells like Olive Garden- it’s not all bad. There may also be little grated Parmesan confetti that fall out of it later on. Better than glitter.

Today my kids’ previous school started back with their online model. I’ll be honest when I say that even after we ordered curriculum, I still went back and forth and back and forth and back and forth a million times trying to decide if it was the right decision. I came to the conclusion long ago that there is not one single right decision right now, only best decisions for our family. Right now, this is it.


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