distancing day 173 thoughts:

1. My entire day revolved around trying to figure out what math each person had done and which math they hadn’t. One cannot simply pick a grade and start there. Noooooo. The kids has done a lot of the grade I picked for them but not all. There is no assessment connected to the curriculum, so the only thing I knew to do was to open up every single quiz and see if they knew how to do the problems. Jack and Clara probably did 100+ problems over the course of a few hours each. I’m, obviooouuuusssllly, a family favorite today.

2. Just before dinner one of the kids gave me a NASTY look because I made him/her mad. I started making EDM mouth noises and singing a song called “I don’t care. Somebody is always mad at me.” What I really appreciated is how Jerry was grabbing the garlic salt and red pepper flakes out of the pantry and did a little background dancing to my EDM jam while shaking the spices. If the Electric Daisy Carnival needs a headliner, they better call me quick because I’m very busy homeschooling these kids.


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