distancing day 175 thoughts:

Today is not going to top yesterday’s adventures, so I feel like I should be really upfront and let you know today will probably be pretty boring. It does not involve any fire breathing dragons, shoddy architecture, or road trips. Today was a pretty standard Saturday without much flair for the dramatic.

1. My mom and dad have been cleaning out their attic and, from the sounds of it, it’s a treasure trove of Meagan memorabilia. My momma said that she found a picture of me from when I was 7 and toofless and that I allegedly looked exactly like Marian. Ooook. I think my mom is allegedly full of poop. Everyone knows we were bequeathed Marian by leprechauns. Truly, if Jerry hadn’t been with her the whole time from the OR to the recovery room, I would have been convinced we’d be staring down the barrel of some pretty high bills for litigation. I asked for proof of this picture but mom conveniently didn’t have her phone with her and it’s at the bottom of a tupperware now. Next time I’m in Mississippi, I’m going on a hunt.

2. We painstakingly made a triple batch of cavatelli for hours tonight. The water took almost as long to come to a boil in the pot as it took us to roll them out and make them. After we dumped in half of the triple batch, we realized that the water was soapy because we didn’t rinse out the pot well. I’m surprised that I didn’t salt the next batch of water with my tears. What a sad waste of time. We still had plenty to eat and I stuffed myself like the prized pig I am. Thank God for the mentos that are actually Tums because the only fire breathing dragon around these parts was gonna be me.


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