distancing day 178 thoughts:

So… it’s snowing. It was 95 yesterday. That’s a 60+ degree swing in one day. Welcome to Colorado.

1. I did school all.day.long. All day long. I thought homeschool was supposed to take 4 hours max. If we do all of the activities – it’s like 6 hours. Maybe cumulatively it’s 4 hours per kid but I am at the table at least 6 hours, if not 8. Anything I used to could maybe accomplish in a day is not happening now. Nothing. When I’m done with the marathon teach, I am DEADT. That’s with only 4 kids. I think? it’ll get better as we get more used to what we are doing and this is only the beginning of the 3rd week. How in Jesus name teachers manage to teach fitty leven million kids with no aid and no bathroom breaks is beyond reasonable explanation. They’re super heroes and that’s all there is to it.

1.a. I think we may need to not do all of the activities that the kids’ curriculum comes with because it’s like A LOT. A lot a lot a lot. From what I have seen so far, I am tickled pink with what they’re learning- it just takes 8 forevers to complete. The big two are making a book about the 50 states one region at at times. So far they’ve done Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, Great Lakes States. They have learned the capital of those states, fast facts, major goods and services from those states, climate, where it is on the map, a famous person from each of those states, etc and that will create a 50 states book that they made. They’re reading poems about those same regions and using those poems to answer questions and write poems of their own. Today they each wrote a haiku and a quatrain. They had to identify their quatrain rhyme scheme at the end. Super cool stuff. Marian was working on goods and services. She did some math word problems too and read “If you give a pig a pancake.” After she read the book, she wrote her own if you give a pig a pancakeesque plot (I scribbed). She was so proud she could have popped!


2 thoughts on “distancing day 178 thoughts:

  1. I think the difference with teachers is that they are responsible only for the education part. Not the kids’ hygiene, food prep, sleep, etc. It’s a LOT trying to do it all.


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