distancing day 180 thoughts:

1. My phone keeps autocorrecting “It’s Meagan” to “It’s a Meagan.” It’s so rude. I catch it most of the time but sometimes I don’t. I didn’t catch it tonight until I already sent my text, so that’s exciting: NEW CORE MEMORY! I’ll tuck that little Mario moment in right beside when I said “you too” when the ticket checking lady told me “have a nice flight” when we went to visit my in-laws last year. Ah, pre-COVID when you could just fly whenever you wanted to. Good times.

2. Today about did me in. The school was fine. It only took 4 hours today. But. After having to read 10 BORRRRIIIIINNNGGGG poems, answer 10 questions about those boring poems, locating 2 examples of metaphors and illustrating how that would look, finding a poem with personification, and then re-reading every single poem to say which point of view it was written in- when the last activity was to write a poem that used personification, I literally screamed NOOOOOOOOO! If the only thing standing between my kids and college acceptance is the ability to write a poem using personification, I’ll let them live in my basement til they can get on their feet. Then, I reference back to this post, so I can be reminded the reason why I didn’t make them write the poem. That reason is because my sanity was hanging on by a thread and that poem was like holding a match underneath it.

3. I hate to be like “my PCOSsssssss again” but for real. My hair is falling out in fist sized clumps every time I wash my hair. Fist sized. I know for certain I have lost 1/3 of my hair volume, but I really imagine it’s more like 1/2 in the last year. I feel like I’m coming dangerously close to having to choose between taking medicine to keep the hair on my head and having a full beard or getting rid of my beard and being bald. I have a knotty head (from my forcep birth) and wigs aren’t that good yet. I feel like I really need to keep my hair. Right now, I’m not doing that. Bald and beautiful is a thing; it’s not a thing I can do. I was barely scraping by when I had hair like Rapunzel. The hair is what about put me over the edge after the marathon poetry fest, getting 3 people on online math, 50 nifty states with sneaky kiddos trying to skip parts and acting like they haven’t done the same thing for every state each day for weeks now, and trying to teach reading to a feisty redhead that is distracted by all things shiny. For God sakes! At least give me a chance to pull it out instead of it running away from my scalp as if it’s a telemarketer calling about extended warranty. On the plus side, I hope my FBI man is getting a promotion because this popped up on insta stories right after I complained about it on the phone.


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