distancing day 181 thoughts:

This was a long week. I’m really tired tonight. Not like sleepy tired but like exhausted.

There really isn’t much to talk about today. We did school. The kids played LOUDLY. We ate 3 squares. I got my new planner in and I got all my stuff transferred over. I had The Happy Planner and I did like the layout a lot, but all of my pages were constantly falling out. I replaced The Happy Planner with an Erin Condren (and I TOTALLY understand the hype now). I also tried to give my happy planner away for free because it’s still a good planner, but I don’t think there are any takers for that.

Tomorrow I need to go with Jack to get his suit for his First Communion. I need to order Clara’s slip too because she wants her dress to be puffy. The one extra shining light in all of this is that we get to see our family soon. I miss them all so much. The kids talk about it nonstop and I think it’s helping to keep us buoyant.


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