distancing day 183 thoughts:

1. Today was day date day with all my kids. I took turns taking each of them with me to run errands. Normally I would just do all those errands at once and knock them out, but today I ran one- drove home- grabbed a new kid- ran another- drove home- etc until all kids had time out with mom.

Marian told me yesterday “you never spend time with usssssss!” All I could do was just slow blink at her because I quite literally can never get away from them. Even the moments of nature someone is banging on the door or just carrying on a conversation with me like nothing is going on. I think she meant alone… like she never gets time with me alone. I promised them all that we would spend time together today and I made good on it, even if they had to be dragged along on silly errands.

Clara went to the grocery store with me and rejected every fun food I suggested we get for the family. I snuck in cinnamon rolls for breakfast and pretzels to eat with Nutella without asking her opinion. Marian went with me to Dollar Tree and Walmart to get Winnie food. Laurel headed to the BX with me to check on replacement tires for our bikes (there are none in all the land). And, finally, Jack went to Barnes & Noble and Dillard’s to dress shop with me for my dress for the First Communion. Nothing terribly exciting, but I did enjoy spending time with them one-on-one. I hope it filled their buckets a little bit. It definitely filled mine.

The fun surprise of the night was when we were just getting everyone into bed and the ice cream truck was coming by. Everyone threw on pants (yes, we are a pantless bunch) and got to go out and get ice cream! What a treat!


One thought on “distancing day 183 thoughts:

  1. Wow! A real ice cream name brand being sold from a clean, white delivery truck. We still have the hot pink remodeled mail truck with peeling pics of what might be available.


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