distancing day 184 thoughts:

Happy? 6 month Coronaversary! I simultaneously can’t believe it’s been 6 months and also, where has the time gone? I guess things are sorta settling in to the new normal. For that, I am thankfulish.

I have learned one very important lesson during the last 6 months. Here are things I can do: take care of myself, keep my house clean, school my kids. I can do exactly 1 of those a day. Not 2. And M – F it’s school the kids and then that’s all she wrote folks. School is getting to be a bit more of a well-oiled machine, but still I’m like a flatlining potato when it’s over.

Tomorrow I have a date with a literal mound of laundry. I didn’t make a mountain out of a mole hill. However, my kids did when they decided to change clothes 89 times a day and throw dirty clothes on top of clean ones. If Covid brought me nothing else, it brought me podcasts which will see me through my laundry and tidying tomorrow. I save my favorite ones to listen to when I’m really dreading a chore. I have a fire lineup.

I would write more but I sincerely have a million things to do tomorrow before 8am and I need to actually sleep tonight. The past two nights I haven’t been asleep before midnight. For a gal that claps it in at 730 most nights, that late bedtime simply will not do. I am definitely putting shower pretty high on my list of needs tomorrow. My family and anyone that sees me will thank me.


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