distancing day 185 thoughts:

The very first thing I did today was step on the plastic wrapper off of a Gatorade bottle (that one of my kids ripped off and threw down besides my bed because of course they did) and tried to shake it off my foot like it was an alligator all the way down the stairs. It would have taken me two seconds to bend down and grab it, but that takes synapses and pistons and my brain fires on exactly zero cylinders until I have coffee. So, instead of doing anything rational, I made with the jimmy leg down the staircase and am proud to say I didn’t die. I did have sticky stuff on my foot for the rest of the day despite showering so I have a fine collection of floor lint, dirt, and various other floor crap I’ve accumulated through the day.

In other embarrassing news, I left my house with a Goodwill tag hanging off my clothes. Yes, I wore them without washing them. I was in a hurry and it was the closest thing I could grab. I probably have scabies now but I’ve already had it once and I have the meds for it in my bathroom. Thank you janky hotel with the scratchy beds at Yosemite.

Jack and Clara started their Workshop class today and it was freaking cool. They did blacksmithing in this morning’s session. They made nails and a hook from just a long rectangular prism of iron. It’s seriously so awesome! I wish I could go! There were only 6 kids in the class. 2 were much older and doing much older, more experienced kid stuff somewhere else. There were Jack and Clara and another 10 and 9 year old, respectively. There were two people helping the group of 4 and they were very safe and explained so much to them. When Jack got home, he told me all about the rust process in blacksmithing. There is a bit of chemistry in blacksmithing and they teach them all about it as they go along. They will also learn welding and woodworking and have a cumulative project where they make a sail car that they can actually drive around.

This is the content I signed up for when we started homeschooling. Yass, girl, yass.


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