distancing day 186 thoughts:

1. Some days schooling is like magical unicorns. Some days schooling is like magical sandwiches of crap… you just gotta eat it no matter how rough it is going down. Today we all choked down a crap sandwich. All days can’t be winners. Everyone was just a little “off” this morning. They were super distracted and things that usually take 30 min took like an hour and a half. Woof.

2. There was no time for anything today other than schooling children and making food and taking Winnie to exercise. She has a little friend across the street and they love to go play at the dog park. Winnie had some rotisserie chicken earlier and she horked it up at one point when water went down the wrong pipe. I thought she and the other dog were gonna go to blows over stomach chicken as she is a chief resource guarder but I don’t think she wanted her regurgitated chicken. She’s such a refined lady. Right next to the dog park is a sorta hollowed giant evergreen and the kids have proclaimed it their fort. Great fun for everyone.

3. Speaking of horking: I am going the long way around on this story, but I’ll get there. Promise. Marian and Laurel got dinosaur eggs in their Happy Meals yesterday. The ankylosaurus beat the street straight away, but the little plastic eggs they came in lived on. Laurel filled hers up with nerds and shook it around the house as her instrument in the neighborhood band. (Yes, that’s a thing now. The noise level in my house hovers right around bleeding ear drums at all times). Marian mixed up Laurel’s egg with her egg earlier and ripped it open savage Christmas morning style and grape nerds took flight into every corner of the Earth. Rather than refill the egg with nerds, she went to the pantry and einie menus minne mo’d it and decided to refill it with… wait for it… wait for it…. waaaaiiiittt PORK RINDS. Not only was it pork rinds but too big for the egg pork rinds so now the egg is full of pork rind dust from her smooshing it down. I asked her if she even knew what they were and she said “NO, but I like them” and shoved another handful down her throat. They’re dry by nature and she had no water handy so she started sputtering and wouldn’t you know it- shot chewed pork rinds out of her mouth and onto my face, shirt, and shoulder. Just another Wednesday in paradise.

If having pork rinds projectile hacked onto your face sounds like a good time, then parenting might be for you.


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