distancing day 187 thoughts:

1. Today was a better day. It might be in part to the Dutch Bros. that I bribed me with to force myself to get cracking this morning. I bought some stuff off Teachers Pay Teachers pre-coffee to drive home some of the learning we did yesterday that was a little deer in the headlighty. I thought the work was really fun. I think the kids thought so too! I was able to sit with Clara and Jack one-on-one and get through the work. Seeing the lightbulbs go off is still the very highlight of my whole life.

2. Despite the fact that I didn’t try to bust straight out my leg braces running up out this bitch like Forrest Gump today, we are still throwing all of tomorrow into the fuck it bucket and going to the Zoo. The kids don’t know. It’s Military Appreciation Week and the hippo and penguin exhibits are now open. We are on the last lesson of the God AWFUL poetry unit and we are gonna wrap that mammajamma UPPPPP on Saturday. I *think* the intent is that we take a few days and really do a bang up job on the final project OR we can take one day and do the best job we can in our timeframe and clap that one in because it truly sucked the life out of us. Poetry is NOT a good intro to the curriculum if the goal is for them to not cry every time we sit down at the table. Suck a hot one, Frost. It’s time to move on to novels.

3. Marian and Laurel went to dance today. I called about private lessons and the Office Administrator told me that there were a few VERY small classes. This class was just M and L. The goal of today was to try to figure out if they could be in a class together. 4-6 is a pretty big spread where ballet and tap are concerned when one of the kids danced 4 hours a week last year and one danced about 30 minutes before she collapsed on the floor like a wet sack of bread. Survey says; nobody got DDT’d (which was a minor concern) but they can’t be in class together because there is just too big of a gap. M was really quite angry when she came out because she HATED wearing her mask. I guess we will see if that changes next week when I shuffle her into another small class. Idk if Laurel will do it or not. She seems to be more interested in wearing the clothes- she can do that without going anywhere but our backyard. Here they are looking adorable no matter how things pan out:


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