distancing day 189 thoughts:

1. I woke up feeling under the weather. But you know what doesn’t care? I’ll tell you what doesn’t care. Laundry. A month of homeschooling creates this mess:

6 hours and my entire will to live later, I got all the laundry done. The state of affairs caused by my lack of laundry discipline made me realize that this is a family problem now that we are homeschooling. People want to be out here changing 56 times a day like they’re working the runway in Milan… well, those same people can have a little more skin in the game. It is decided that every day there is no fun, no tv, no outside in the front time, no video games, no joy until the laundry is put up every day. That’s right: everyday. We school, we laundry. I’d like to think the kids will draw a connection between their clothes changing and the amount of laundry they have to put away, but I’m not new here.

2. I took a break around hour 4 to take a bath and while I was soaking in my own dead skin soup, Marian came in and stuck the phone in my face while she was on FaceTime with Jerry’s sister. THAT is why we don’t do online school. Crickey. At least it was my sis-in-law that got a peep show today and not a class full of 1st graders.


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