distancing day 190 thoughts:

1. This weekend didn’t feel too weekendy. Yesterday I did laundry all the live long day. Today I was working on more laundry and my dryer wouldn’t shut. I had to go full inspector gadget trying to figure out why. It was because the lint trap wouldn’t go all the way down which was keeping the door from shutting. The reason the lint trap wasn’t going all the way down is because there was lint compacted down underneath it. I vacuum out the lint trap about once a week but my craptastic stick vacuum wasn’t strong enough to get all that. I used a butter knife, kitchen tongs, and a grill spatula to scrape out the lint in my inaugural attempt at keeping my house from going up in flames. I scooped out about 8 cups of lint. I have often times thought about setting my laundry room on fire so I didn’t have to deal with my laundry, but it was just a joke. I don’t know how all that dryer lint didn’t spark and torch this whole built by the lowest bidder joint. I got all that from just what I could see of the lint trap and was terrified that there was more. I ended up disassembling my dryer to suck out all the lint anywhere and everywhere which is just the sorta relaxing Sunday afternoon activity that really gets you ready for the week. Not to mention the YouTuber that showed me how to do this did it in 20 minutes. It took me 3 hours. I am a lot of things but handy is not one. Stubborn makes up the difference most of the time though- as it did today.

2. Also of note: I sat on a bee this morning and turned it into bee soup. I know that you will believe me but it’s almost too unbelievable so I will include a picture of aforementioned bee soup.

That poor baby didn’t stand a chance. I think? I didn’t get stung but there is a lot back there to well… cushion the pushin… for lack of any other descriptive slang trying to pinball around my frontal lobe right now. Nothing swoll up and I am allergic. Having to explain that one to an ER doc with my pants at half mast is a bullet I am very thankful to have dodged today. As for that bee? Well, There are so many jokes that should be made. I’ll start. Feel free to chip in your own. “Save the bees! (from Meagan’s ass)”


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