distancing day 191 thoughts:

This morning started at 5am with all the Drew ladies yelling in mah face. What a great way to start a Monday, eh?

2 Drewlings lost privileges for the day for yelling like cotton headed ninnimuggins at each other before 9am. They had to work on a project with each other for a few hours afterwards and nobody drew blood so I assume they worked it out. Hard to say.

There was a nap today with the littlest two because they were struggling to function in polite society all morning. Neither one exactly “fought” me on going up to take a nap, but they weren’t happy about it. FF two minutes and they were both drooling on my arm. I thought about getting up and doing some chorin’ but that might have woken the babies and that wasn’t a good idea. Oh well. I guess I had to take a nap too. I slept hard and kept thinking I heard Jack and Clara arguing downstairs so I sent messages down through Alexa to tell them to stop arguing… allegedly. I may have dreamed that. You know you’re deep in the trenches when you’re dreaming about correcting your kids over Alexa.

The kids all played in the rain after nap. I inadvertently played in the rain too bc my rocking chairs were soaked. I just sat there and let the drenching happen because it’s 2020 and what’s the use anyway?

The day rounded out with a trip to Freddye’s to pick up frozen custard. I ordered some for home too and asked if they had any pints. I meant quarts. My brain said pints, so my mouth said pints, and I had to walk the poor lady through that ridiculous train of thought which entailed references to school milk cartons. It ended in me backing up in the drive through and explaining that I am, indeed, an airhead and units of measure is a baton I need to hand off when it comes to schooling these kids. I’m not sure all that came across over the drive thru speaker but I got quarts in the end so all is well.


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