distancing day 193 thoughts:

Trying something different today. I’m gonna pop in all day long to write what I’m thinking.

It’s 815 and I’m trying to figure out what I’m gonna bribe myself with to get this work done. Current status: I’m gonna take a shower and put on my workout clothes because dodging all the bullshit takes full range of motion pants.

Some things in life are a constant. If I have water but my kids do not have water sitting literally right beside them, it doesn’t matter if they have 6 water glasses in the house. They are surely going to die of dehydration before they can walk 30 inches to their glass and MUST have mine immediately to save them from the perils of hallucinations.

It’s 1207 and I’d like to introduce you to how many fucks I have left to give today:

It’s lay out in my front yard and soak up all the sun I can time. I hate fall in Colorado. The only thing I hate worse is Christmas. Bahumbug.

Jerry is home just a skosh before 4. I don’t know what I did to deserve this blessing bestowed upon me. Thank you Lord Jesus in Heaven above.


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