distancing day 194 thoughts:

This just keeps going doesn’t it?

Is there some place I can check into to nap for a few days?

The kids all got their hair cut today. Marian and Clara had to get washed because they washed their own hair last night and it was still a little sticky cause rinsing is overrated and soap bubbles are fun. Marian told the hair dresser that she could lay there all day. Same baby. Same. I would give my left leg for a massage right now. I would absolutely settle merrily for a hair washing. Hell, I’d get the over the clothes massage in one of those chairs they just plop out in the middle of the mall at this point. Awkward? Maybe.

I’m making gumbo in the instapot as we speak- don’t come for me. My last name isn’t Tibedeaux and I do what I want. I added the okra before I was supposed to though so it might be slime soup when I open the top. Don’t know. Don’t care. The Queen nor the Obama’s are coming for dinner and it’ll slide down the ole neck hole just fine. If not, there is always pizza and Little Caesars always has my back.


Now I’m eating Mike & Ike in bed and all is right with the world.


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