distancing day 195 thoughts:

We’re getting really close to 200 days out here, big shooters.

The kids are really bored and I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do about that. They’re sick of me and I don’t really blame them. If we are being honest here- and we are- I’m really sick of being the cruise ship director too. Actually, the cruise director doesn’t also have to cook and clean. I’d be fine just organizing fun and making announcements from the lido deck, it’s that other mess that wears ya down. I draw a FIRM line in the sand at making towel animals. I can hardly get all my towels folded- much less make a bear or swan out of them.

My fourth dress attempt for the kids’ First Communion arrived today. I haven’t mustered up the courage to try it on yet. The other 2 were a bust. One made me have uniboob and the other one looked like a navy blue see through sack. I am generally avoid the post office like I avoid the plague- but we all see how that worked out for us in 2020. I returned the 2 I didn’t like and now I need to try on 3 and 4 and return the one that doesn’t work out of those. The people at the UPS store will know my kids by name in another return or two. Last time we were there, Jack politely informed the gal at the counter that the sign they had hanging on the wall had a typo. It turns out it’s their new slogan “every ‘ing’ for small business” but the sign said “We can do almost any ing” which is stupid even if you do differentiate the pieces of the word by different colors. I have seen the new commercial about a billion times watching Letterkenny and I didn’t draw a connection that it was UPS over, say, FEDEX. 1/10 for that slogan that confuses 10 year olds and 37 year olds alike.

We decided to go out of town tomorrow for the night. I’m excited because we love where we are going. On the flip side: packing all the Drews for a weekend getaway is not exactly a best way to kick off a relaxing day. Thank goodness we finished up all the work for the week so we don’t have to do that too.


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