distancing day 196 from Estes Park, CO thoughts:

If you like the smell of sweaty cheese toes, go get you a litter of children and stay in a hotel room with no A/C so you can be hot boxed by feet funk.

We made it to the YMCA and I have to say that I like this one a lot better than the one in Grandby- if for no other reason than I just do. It is BEAUTIFUL here and when we showed up there was a gang of 18 elk just hanging out on the baseball field. (They’re really called a gang. I didn’t make that one up but they just got a LOT of street cred).

We planned our trip super duper last minute as you do when you’re a Drew. Because of COVID we have to have reservations to do almost everything and we didn’t give ourselves enough of a berth to do that. Thankfully, there are enough things to keep us busy without reservations… the not least of which is food. The special rate they gave us includes all our meals which is a usually a major perk. The meals the 2 other times we’ve gone to YMCAs have been buffet style cafeteria food, but mostly palatable. The dinner tonight was all prepackaged goobledygook. Thanks COVID. They obviously can’t have buffets right now but the food was wilty and overcooked from steaming in the takeout type containers for God knows how long before we got to them. They also served shoe leather beef teriyaki with wild rice pilaf that was pilaf mush which was a pairing I did not understand. All that’s to say- I wouldn’t come here for the food. You should definitely come here for the fun though.

Today’s activities included: disc golf, a walk about, roller skating, basketball, and playing on a playground (which might have been the kids’ favorite since most of ours are restricted). I wiped the floor with my kids at basketball and that should tell you all you need to know about whether or not I let them win. I think my kids’ favorite part of roller skating was requesting songs and it took me BACK to my roller skating days. I will never forget being on a field trip to roller skate (seems a little bit of a stretch to say that was educational, but it was the 90s) and them playing “Blame it all on my Roots” by Garth Brooks and letting us group sing into a mic. I didn’t know the words so I wasn’t quite as hype as everyone else since country music is garbage, but it was exciting enough that it formed a core memory. I hope my kiddos (at least a majority) have a core memory from this trip too!

Finally: I saw my first ever weasel in real life today AND we saw a turkey in the straw that gave us all a good chuckle.


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