distancing day 198 thoughts:

198 is repulsive.

I am exhausted 6 ways from Sunday. I had the usual just got back from a trip grind of unpacking and tidying all the things we pulled out in our hasty packing. In addition, the kids wanted to act like the fuzziest of dingleberries about their work this morning so we logged a full 7.5 hours of school. Ya know- so they could be reminded that the usual 3ish hours of work isn’t too shabby. They may have also been reminded just who they’re dealing with here. Momma don’t have a history of playing and she’s not about to start.

There was a one hour interlude where Bailey, the giraffe at the zoo here, was having her baby. We watched her give birth while we ate lunch. The two things don’t really seem like they go together, but the timing worked out and the kids were super into the birth and seemed to not mind eating while it went down- literally. We had lots of conversations about the birth process and anatomy and, most importantly, how when you’re pushing really hard sometimes you poop. I feel like this is an important thing for the kids to know now since no one told me this until I was approximately 700 months pregnant with Jack and I was HORRIFIED. 4 c sections later, I’m 99.9% positive I didn’t poop on the table ever.

Jack and Clara finished up their state reports today. I fondly remember doing a state report on Indiana in the 5th grade. My kids would tell you that they hated every second of their school report and I’m the devil reincarnate. Believe who you want. We had to go check out The View from Saturday from the library and I started reading it when we got home so I’d know if the kids were bullshitting me with their answers. In the first maybe 5 pages, there were 2 instances of overt allusions to sex. Thank goodness we watched a giraffe being born today and it won’t be the first time we discuss those things this week. I’m a little worried about how the rest of the book is gonna go if there is all of that in the first tiny bit. Gosh, golly, jeez, and jeepers, Beaver.


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