distancing day 201 thoughts:

Meagan fast fact: I eat candy in bed. Almost every night I eat candy in bed. Tonight when Clara came up to read with me before we went to sleep she brought me a ziplock bag full of candy. I have never felt more seen. If there was ever a night that called for candy in bed, tonight is it.

Our school was really fun today. I think the lessons were proof that when mom enjoys what we are learning about, it’s less painful for everyone. The big two learned about energy and work = Force x distance by going outside and throwing a small rock as far as they could and then throwing a big rock. Clara’s big rock actually went farther than the small one she threw which led us to a whole different, equally applicable, conversation about friction and surface area. I thought it was fun and the kids weren’t acting like they were just checking the blocks to be done. It seemed like they enjoyed it. I know I did.


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