distancing day 202 thoughts:

It’s Friday. It’s sigh of relief day. It’s take 2 days off from school day. Back to my regularly scheduled normal chores eve. Who knew there would be a time when I was like HONEY YYYYAAASSS to my standard chores?! 2020 is really mixing things up. I’ll say that.

I saw a picture today that was a pile of branches that looked like a giant tarantula and the picture said “I looked at this and just assumed it was giant tarantulas and that we were just doing this now” and I laughed and laughed because I truly didn’t even blink and eye at first. Welp. Now there is man sized tarantulas. Okie dokie. Put it on the list, I guess.

My brain is tired. I wrote a whole other post but it went somewhere else. So, you’re stuck with this brain dump. It’s what I got.

Here’s a picture of us making caramel apples in my makeshift double boiler because I couldn’t find mine:

We also added chocolate and nuts because why not?


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