distancing day 203 thoughts:

Today was busy with all the most wonderful things. I got to take family pictures for my beautiful bestie. We got donuts at a new donut place that’s amazing. I got to do a quick shop and had an appointment to have my hair cut and colored. I was overdue for a cut in March and then COVID hit and I was REALLY OVERDUE. My bestie knows that I rarely make myself a priority, so she scheduled (and very generously paid for) my appointment since I took her family pictures. She also drove me to my appointment- maybe partially so she could be sure I wouldn’t cancel. I’m pleased as punch with the results. He asked me what I wanted for cut and color and I said “I don’t know and I don’t care. I just know I want long fringe bangs on one side” and he took care of the rest.

While I was getting my hair cut, my in laws arrived super duper early because they bought a DeLorean and didn’t tell us… best I can figure. The kids have been beside themselves excited for weeks. When I got home, the girls were already out on a walk with Uma and I got a chance to chat with Upa some. I missed them very much. I think I might have been just as excited as the kids to see them!

We went and had dinner at Olive Garden where I believe we all overstuffed ourselves but such is life. My parents get here this week too and I think I might actually explode from joy to have all my parents- bio and bonus- all in one place.


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