distancing day 207 thoughts:

1. I have a cold sore/zit one-two combo on my bottom lip. It’s sore and swollen and I’m just over here jazz handsing it uppppp because it’s not shingles. My body usually votes the zoster variety of herpes into office and it’s about 10000x more painful and annoying than the simplex version. I’m gonna be forced to rock the budget lip filler look at the First Communion, but we all have to wear masks so score 1 and 1 only for Coronavirus.

2. I don’t understand how some days can go so fast and some days crawwwwl and it’s the same 12 hours. There’s nothing more to that thought. Just an observation.

3. The other day I asked Jack to take the trash out and he told me that the spoiled milk in the bottom of the trashcan smelled like Georgia. I present this without comment, but with a lot of laughter.

4. AHHHHHHHHHHH! This is an ETA because I can’t believe I almost forgot! Clara got bit by a spider/spiders? a few weeks ago. We weren’t sure at first what it was and it’s COVID times so we attempted to gently relieve the pressure before we rolled 6 deep to the ER. Once the spots “popped” for lack of a better word, we could clearly see the fang marks. I took to the google streets to see what kind of a spider would leave that reaction and I kept coming up with black widow. I never dismissed it but also felt like we’d know, yeah? Well, I called and had housing come and spray for spiders and there were four 4! FOURRRRRRR black widows dying on my front porch this morning. I knew it! Also, I’m so skeeved I could have died. My best guess is that one hid in her shirt and properly freaked the fuck out when she put it on. Super skeevealicious!!!


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