distancing day 208 thoughts:

Trigger Warning: Throw up.

My kids think I’m fully unhinged because I just laughed and laughed and laughed today at all of the ridiculous things that happened. This morning was a textbook case of laughing is better than crying.

It started with Laurel puking on Marian’s head in our bed at 4am. It just barely skimmed Marian’s hair so we did what you do when you have that situation and it’s in the wee hours- we flipped everyone upside down, wiped the puke up with a towel, laid a T-shirt on it and went back to sleep. I thought it was a one off because Laurel woke up fine. Meanwhile, I woke up with a lip 3x it’s normal size because what I thought was a zit/cold sore was, in fact, a spider bite. I’m assuming it’s black widow because those are the only ones I’ve seen since they sprayed. I’ve been draining it all day and it’s gone down significantly but it’s both gross and painful.

Back to this AM: While I was doing the initial spider bite drain and stripping the sheets, Clara threw up (yes, again). Only she got it in her OWN hair. Later in the morning, when we were getting ready to go pick up my parents at the Visitors Center, I brushed Clara’s hair and a chunk of her dinner last night flew onto my arm and face and I retched and retched. I ended up holding my breath, washing her caked hair in the sink, and tossing Clara’s hair into a bun. We made it out the door only mildly odored and on time despite Murphy’s best efforts.

We made it to the Visitors Center about 3 minutes before my parents. When I saw them walk up, I sent the kids out to hug them while I dealt with the paperwork. Laurel came back in like a deer in headlights with a mask full of puke. I steered her to the bathroom and she emptied the contents of her mask onto the floor. My poor parents barely saw my broad side of the barn backside scuttle off to the bathroom when they came in. That’s a hell of a greeting when you haven’t seen someone in 10 months. It was at the same time as all this was going on that they turned the heat up in the building. That’s the only reasonable explanation for why I was sweating so badly. The older girls wanted to be helpful so they were tending to her too and running back and forth to get things from the car and give my parents updates. It was a 3 ring circus if there ever was one. I usually take great pride in “not my circus, not my monkeys” but these were all my monkeys and I took that circus on the road.

I didn’t even tell my parents hello until we got back to my house. Thanks for driving for 3 days! Here! Have some puke and have some chaos upon entry to the Drew Thunder Dome. Welcome.


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