distancing day 209 thoughts:

Today was a day of errands. Errands are more fun with family… I mean sometimes. Sometimes they’re the only time I get alone and I luxuriate down the aisles of the grocery store like the lady sloth I am.

During our erranding, we made the kids go into the mall and walk around because when they’re our age, I don’t think malls will exist. Or, at the very least, they won’t be very widespread. We were just giving them stories they can tell their grandkids some day. The mall now has giant stuffed animals you can ride on- so we did that too because when in Rome, right?

Piñatas were in order today too. We bought 4 mini piñatas for the kids for Jerry’s birthday celebrations but we didn’t get around to them until today. If you are ever having a birthday party and you’re worried about the piñata breaking too quickly- get these mini piñatas! They were nearly indestructible and they held a surprisingly large amount of candy. The string that was attached to the piñata broke on some of them before we had even made a dent and the kids were unblindfolded and using a Louisville slugger too. I’m telling you- the damn thing was TOUGH.

After we collected all the loot, the kids had a candy feast. Jack did this and said he was waiting for someone to feed him grape jolly ranchers.


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