distancing day 210 thoughts:

Today was FULL. Tomorrow is the big two Drews’ First Communion and today was full of all of the things you do before you have a big event and then leave out on vacation the next day.

When I woke up this morning, I wasn’t sure how it was all going to get done and I was feeling a little AHHHHH about it. I’ve found out that actually yelling AHHHHH is very helpful so I’ve started doing that. Might be a little jarring to the family but they yell all the time so Petty Betty forgot to care.

Once I got moving on my chorin’ I seemed to be checking things off rather quickly and was able to calm down a bit. It also helps that I already had most of the school stuff we need to take with us out of town already all packed up because our school room moonlights as a dining room.

Clara, my mom, and I went around and bought flowers for the table arrangements at the kids’ reception after the oil change and the Supermarket Sweep run through PetSmart. My mom is a Master Floral Designer so I knew whatever she made would be more in line with what I was hoping for- and, boy, was I right. I’ll wait and show the pictures tomorrow for the full effect, but bravo to mom! She made Clara’s dress too (because Clara begged her to make it 2 years ago when we knew this was coming) and she did fantastic on that as well! She’s a lady of many talents. She’s getting a right brain workout in retirement and we are all very happy to be on the receiving end!

I do hope that the kids remember this First Communion fondly as they grow. We had lovely Baptisms for Jack and Clara but they were both without family. We just knew it was important to us- so we did it as soon as we could. This is the first big event in their religious life that *they* chose for themselves. We have a very nice reception planned and we waited to do it until both sets of grandparents could be here to watch. Dadgum COVID kept us from doing it in May… or August… but the gangs all here now!

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