distancing day 214 thoughts:

Another looooong day on the road but we made it to Pennsylvania. We would have been here about 3pm, but we took a detour to the National Museum of the US Air Force in Dayton Ohio. It was freaking awesome! I wish we had a few days to spend at that museum. We were there 4.5 hours and we saw it all but that was basically just breezing through at the warpest of speeds possible and making time for the simulator because that’s what you do when you have 4 kids. Upa was the family champion though because he went in the simulator as the designated adult. The rest of us were too afraid we’d get carsick? airsick? motion sick? I really don’t know which one of those applies. I hear the simulator was an aerial course and was very fun. Just hearing about that is great for me!

As for the rest of the trip- we listen to Dora at the north end of 200 times during the trip. Laurel can quote it. I can quote it. Jerry can quote it. And absolutely none of us can speak Spanish any better.


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