distancing day 217 thoughts:

I’ve nearly been up for 24 hours at this point. We got Laurel to sleep without her busting through any walls like the roided up Koolaid man and Clara woke up pretty quickly afterwards with a nightmare that Laurel died. Fully dramatic stuff. It was scary when we had to whisk her away to the ER for breathing stuff. My MIL, SIL, and FIL did a fantastic job of keeping the kids occupied and distracted and having fun while we were gone. In spite of all the fun, the little gal is just sensitive and though they may fight like cats and dogs they still love each other big.

I got up with her eventually and took all the girls who were now awake downstairs so everyone else could sleep. Around 820 I left to go into Greenville to drop of medicine prescriptions and head back with my 4 year old’s roids like you do.

After I got back I was feeling pretty good so I went for a run. Bad idea. It caused me to have a coughing fit and to get the worst headache so tending to that took me pretty much the rest of the day. My MIL had us cook hot dogs and s’mores over the fireplace. It was so cute and such a fun way to glamp indoors!


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