distancing day 220 thoughts:

Today is the day the girls discovered barn perma-kitties.

One of my favorite things about Pennsylvania besides the fact that the first time I came here I was driving myself and Jerry told me to go past the tractor lot and turn left at the next road after the giant chicken is grandma’s perma-kitties. She has a barn and there are indigenous kitties and people drop off their cats too for her to feed and care for. She recently had her barn door replaced along with some other work and she even put in a kitty door.

At one time, I think there were 8 or 10 but that’s been a while. The cats are usually perma-kitties because of the inbreeding that happens and probably various other environmental factors… idk. They’re the cutest damn cats on the earth though and that’s a fact. Hard facts. Sorry Moscow.

When we went over for lunch, there were 2 kitties hanging out on the back porch. The girls squealed with delight. They’re so tiny and adorable… probably the size of 2 guinea pigs end to end and they have the roundest dumbest cutest most loveable faces. We went through several iterations of names before the girls settled on Peanut and Honey.

None of the kitties have EVER been interested in hanging around new folks but P & H were delighted. I really don’t know who was happier about it – P & H or the girls. The girls lugged P & H all over the place.

Also while we were at GG’s she got out a lock of hair from her first haircut. Everyone and I mean EVERYONE asks us where Marian got her red hair. Case closed.


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