distancing day 222 thoughts:

We go home tomorrow. I don’t wanna go home and not just because apparently Colorado is on fire.

Jerry and I went to Pittsburgh yesterday for an overnight date. I’m pretty sure that was the first overnight date we’ve had in almost 11 years (since Jack was born). We had a blast just walking around and sightseeing. We also did a ghost tour that was really more of a history tour with some ghost stories tossed in for funsies. It was still super fun and informative and I had a great time hanging out with Jerry – just the two of us.

We stayed in the old Federal Reserve building and they still had the vaults in the basement.

They also had a King sized bed where Jerry and I slept 12 hours straight. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I woke up and it was after 9am. I thought perhaps my sleeper-inner function was broken now that I’m older. NOPE. My sleeper-inner is temporarily disabled now that I have children to care for and listen out for and make sure they’re not attempting to stick forks in toasters to retrieve bagels and that sort of thing. As it turns out, we can sleep in juuuuuust fine when we are not responsible for anyone.

We are well rested for the drive home tomorrow. Hopefully we can make it home in 2 days but we are giving ourselves 3 just in case. You never know what the travel day holds when you’ve piled up 5 suitcases, 4 kids, 3 bags of snacks, 2 adults, and a partridge in a pear tree for a 22 hour trip.


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