distancing day 224 thoughts:

I love car captivity. The kids can’t fight too much. I am forced to sit down and do nothing. We eat fast food crap for every meal which is the beeeessst until I turn into a salty bloated turnip and just start drinking water and planning a long bath with epsom salt to hopefully draw off some of this ridiculous salt and Coke Zero bloat. I hate to talk poorly about Coke Zero as it and coffee were two of the only things that brought me joy in the early COVID days. That’s just where we are at on this trip… no hard feelings.

I used to love car naps too. Those were the good old days. On this journey, Marian realized that her big toe could flick the back of my ear from her seat. That’s definitely not a creepy way to be woken up every time you doze off or anything.

I assumed that the billboards would be all politics on I-70 and was pleasantly surprised when they were not. I ran across this billboard and laughed so hard I had to find the company. You’re welcome.

We also saw one that just said “Boots, Bullets, Britches, Bologna.” If we hadn’t been teetering on the razor thin edge of bedtime insanity, I would have insisted we embark on a bologna expedition. I will have to live with that regret in my heart the rest of my days. Your thoughts and prayers are appreciated.

We are about 15 minutes from home. The kids woke us up at about 545 because they’re sleep terrorists and they hate relaxation. We went ahead and got up and got scootin’. Tomorrow it’s going to snow so thanks for that Colorado. We all know how much I love snow.


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