distancing day 225 thoughts:

It’s the day before we get back to life as usual and that means it’s the day that we must do all the things.

The snow started much earlier than it was supposed to this morning and it didn’t make me as grumpy as I anticipated that it would. I wish we could have spent the day snuggled under blankets and watching movies but that’s not in the cards when you’ve just returned from 2 weeks vacation. It didn’t snow a ton yet but it was slipppppppery. I was in the VW with the AWD turned on and I still skid across 3 lanes going down Powers when I was on my way back from getting groceries. Thanks be to God that nobody was behind me or beside me and that I know how to drive in snow. I don’t like to do it, but I know how.

The day commenced with umpteen loads of laundry and concluded with umpteen loads of laundry. Any day that isnt sandwiched with laundry is a fairy tale that I don’t live.

Jerry goes back to work tomorrow and we are gonna miss him big. It’s been so fantastic having him around. We do whatever the Army tells us to do and we try to act nice about it, but we sho didn’t sign up for homeschooling 1400 miles from our nearest grandparent in the middle of a pandemic. My bucket was so empty when we went on vacation that I think I was just pouring air out of it and pretending like it was liquid. My family was pretty nice to go along with my ruse- even if it was painfully obvious. Jerry’s cup was pretty empty too. This has just been a wild time for everyone.

This week we are going to concentrate on talking about the election and the process of electing government officials. My big 3 kids watched the debate last week and they have some interesting points of view. It’s intriguing to me the way their little minds work and what they put together. This is something that only happens every 4 years after all… we may as well really sink our teeth into it.


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