distancing day 226 thoughts:

I don’t know who slept with a cold spoon under your pillow last night, but I thank you. Jerry ended up having a snow day today and even thought it was a telework day, it was nice to have him here as a bridge to normal life.

The morning was slow to pick up and I let the kids play outside until they were tired of being cold before trying to do work. We watched a couple videos on the electoral college, the first election, and the presidential election and read our election book. I forced them against their will to do a worksheet about the current presidential election… or at least one can assume that it was against their will as there was an excessive amount of wailing. They still learned some stuff even if reading through the official campaign websites was cruel and unusual punishment.

I gave myself a heck of a pep talk and suited up in my gear to take the kids sledding around 1. I do not like playing in snow, but I like my kids. There is a hill here that is perfect for sledding and once we suited up, we headed over there. We were not the only ones. There was a group of 5 other kids there and you would have thought I brought the kids to Six Flags. They played for an hour running up the hill and sliding down over and over and over again. I don’t know how any of them are upright. I am exhausted and I just watched them. Being a kid has got to be awesome…


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