distancing day 227 thoughts:

I got all the laundry put away from the trip and the laundry from the disaster that was our bedroom before our trip AND did a little pre-PCS purging in our bedroom today. I deserve an award or a parade. I can wait if it’s a parade. I know these things take time to organize.

Jack and Clara got to go to Blacksmith school today and they made flathead screwdrivers. The owner came over and very proudly told me that the metal from the screwdrivers is from the Craftsman factory. Apparently Craftsman tools were made in Colorado Springs before Sears bought them and moved them oversees. Craftsman then just straight up stopped paying their bills in Colorado Springs (or maybe everywhere? I didn’t research further) and the bank or whatever started selling off the Craftsman equipment and metal to whomever to recoup costs. Ron bought some and then taught my kids how to make a badass screwdriver. Jack explained all about it to me but he was talking so quickly I only caught a little of what he said.

I spent the rest of the day trying to decide if I should bother decorating for fall at this point or just 2020 it. Being that it’s October 27th and we are going to my bestie’s house for Thanksgiving, I think I’m just gonna not. There was some serious guilt attached to that decision though. Isn’t home making in the age of social media fantastic? Do y’all really care if my fireplace mantel is home to all the stuff we want out of reach of the kids and not a carefully coiffed fall masterpiece? I imagine you don’t. If you do, well… take a number and get in line behind the rest of the people that I think suck an egg.


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