distancing day 228 thoughts:

It’s 10:08 as I write this. Clara has been acting like she has no idea how to turn 3 sections of questions she has answered into a 5-paragraph essay even though I’ve explained it several times and I know for a fact she’s been doing it in school for years. I’m acting like I don’t want to run away from home. We are all acting. Who will win the Oscar? Remains to be seen. The competition is very stiff at this current juncture.

Update: It’s now 6:46 and I’m here to tell you that she does, indeed, know how to write a 5-paragraph essay AND a darn good one.

I told the kids under no uncertain terms that we would not be opening the Halloween candy until Saturday.

Whoops. I was drawn in by the Warheads. The only place I’ve seen them in the last 10+ years is in Halloween candy mix. How was I supposed to not open them? By the 4th one my tongue was bleeding which I should have assumed was karma from doing what I explicitly told my family not to do, but I decided it is because my mouth is out of practice and I should eat more of them… it’s the only rational explanation.


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