distancing day 229 thoughts:

The kids woke up extra motivated or some such magic this morning and they whizzed through all their work while I was taking an epsom salt bath. Normally I’d be suspect AF, but they even brought it to show me.

The miracle from the Heavens school work completion left time for lots of errands and other needed to be dones. We ran over to Fort Carson to knock them out and even got to have lunch with Jerry. I would show you an adorable picture of my kids eating with Jerry, but phones aren’t allowed in his building. You’ll just have to trust me that it was very cute. On the way in, we spilled an entire gigantic wild berry lemonade at the staff duty’s desk. That part wasn’t cute. The ground is made of some secret squirrel material so it couldn’t swallow me up. That’s really too bad.

You probably follow me on Insta or Facebook if you know my blog exists, but for the odd maybe 2 people who read this that do not…

Here’s my stomach AND here is all the things my stomach did for me.

I wore a knotted shirt today out and about. My stomach showed in it every now and again. The kids kept pointing it out because they figured I didn’t want it to show.

We got an opportunity to chat about body positivity. Do I have the same stomach I had when I was 26? NOPE. Is that ok? Nope… it’s not ok- it’s FANTASTIC. My stomach has been through some shit and the knotted shirt is trendy. They are not mutually exclusive.

Look at what I made from scratch, ma! 40 months of pregnancy that resulted in 4 cute ass kids and I earned every single one of those warrior stripes.

Love yourself.

Thanks for coming to my TED talk.


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