distancing day 230 thoughts:

The McRib is coming back nationwide. I repeat. The McRib is coming back nationwide. This is not a drill.

Really anything else I plan to write today is just filler because the McRib is the best news I’ve heard since 2012.

The kids and I played “mad scientist” today and did science experiments all day for school. I am not going to lie… I am having a little school FOMO sadness. I know the kids were missing their friends today especially, so I tried to make it fun. We created a rainbow from white light and water and did 2 experiments to illustrate the difference between the primary colors of light and the primary colors. We learned about catalysts and put mentos into Shasta cola or whatever off-brand Coke is called and watched it explode. We dissolved skittles in hot water and made a colorful stacked rainbow that taught us about density and viscosity. All this we did while we listened to Halloween music and danced. To round out the day, we put eyeball stickers all over all the stuff in the fridge to make it a “monster fridge” to surprise Jerry when he gets home from work. The kids laughed and laughed.

It wasn’t a Halloween party with their friends at school, but there were giggles and smiles and hopefully little brain polaroids for them to happily recall at a later date. Homeschool isn’t always the most fun, but today it was.


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