distancing day 233 thoughts:

Today started with boxing. Weight lifting and boxing are my physical exertion of choice but, ya know, COVID. I had a dream last night that I had a Army green heavy bag. I woke up at 230 thinking how great that would be and then I remembered that I have like 5 heavy bags in my garage full of stuff that Jerry can’t exactly get rid of (maybe ?) but we don’t ever open. I also have an apparatus upon which to hang said bag. Boom. Heavy bag.

This morning, I wrapped my hands and beat the shit out of that green sack of Army shit from when W was President. I will again tomorrow too.

I am trying to clean out our freezer some and tonight I pulled out carrots and peas, chicken, and pie crusts and made one bomb ass chicken pot pie if I do say so myself. And, I do. I was super proud that I put those ingredients together and props or snaps or ups or whatever the kids are saying these days to the instapot for cooking my straight out the freezer chicken in 12 minutes.

Idk where I’m at tomorrow on the blog status or social media presence or mental health prioritization but I’ll be around eventually.


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