distancing day 235 thoughts:

School. School. School. School. Mud bath for the girls and dog. School.

I’ve been unsettled today and being that I’m 37 with a litter of children while waiting on election results and a whole other buffet of bullshit from which to pluck- I don’t exactly know the root cause. I do know the root cause (whatever it is) had me run face first into about 8 Halloween candy sized Twix. And I’d do it again bop bop bop!

The rest of the day involved make-up science experiments from Jack’s Arrow of Light meeting that we missed because Jerry forgot his ID card in his office and they wouldn’t let him on to The AF base even though that’s where his house is and wife is and 4 kids are, he is listed in the system that shows everyone in the service, AND he has a picture badged issued by the very person who wouldn’t let us on’s boss. So… instead of doing our Scout meetings, we drove him back to Carson (25 minutes one way) to get his ID card so he could come onto base. Thanks for that Security Forces. Anyway, Jack and I cranked out 3 quick experiments this afternoon. My favorite was making elephant toothpaste which I can’t believe I’ve never done before. I’m gonna do it again with the girls too sometime soon. We love science! Drews are Team STEAM.


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