distancing day 236 thoughts:

Redhead Day Recap:

It’s that day again where we forget about how much Halloween candy we ate, how much this year sucks a hot one, and how much we are looking forward to Christmas so we may escape reality in order to fully immerse ourselves in the magic that is redheads for one axis spin.

Little red was our re-deployment gift that keeps on giving. She was arguably the most angelic baby on God’s earth and that really cemented our affection for her- which is good because the redhead temper was bubbling underneath.

Even on her most furrowed of days, the Queen of Foxes is a joy. She belongs on Broadway and you better bet that I’ll be on the front row cheering louder than anyone when she gets there.

While today is a day to celebrate redheads, we celebrate Marian every day because she’s a dream come true.

Don’t worry, dirty blondes get their day on the 6th.


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