distancing day 239 thoughts:

Today was a good day. I got up with Jerry at 3 because he was going hunting and I had the anxious feels or something. I never went back to sleep but that was ok because I perused TikTok and drank hot coffee uninterrupted for 2 quiet and useless, restorative hours.

After the kids got up, I took a shower and tidied the house. When I say tidy the house you probably picture me doing a quick 15-20 minutes. No no no. All of us worked for 1.5 hours or so. Everyone was home yesterday for 8 awake hours to destroy it and that is some SAT Math that I don’t have a formula for, but I know the answer is 1.5 man hours to undo 8 destruction man hours. I am a math teacher to four grades now, you can trust me on this.

At noon, a babysitter came and I went and took 4 glorious hours with my bestie to get sushi and shop. I ended up really only buying Clara clothes. Lately I’m afraid she’s going to cut off circulation in her current shorts and she needs dresses for Church that are at least fingertip length + an inch for Jesus. Jack and Clara both have grown 2 sizes since March. Mommy gained the COVID 19 pounds and Jack and Clara gained what feels like the COVID 19 inches. I bought Clara some new shorts today primarily, so it’ll be snowing tomorrow morning when we wake up. That’s how that works.

We finished the day by the kids eating pizza with friends and Jerry and I standing up eating wings at the island while quoting the new Borat movie. If you haven’t watched it yet, well… it’s one whole cringe and it’s hilarious. It’s about as NSFK as you can get and not have to be rented from the part of a video store that you have to cross a velvet curtain to access. If you catch my drift.


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