distancing day 240 thoughts:

It got really cold today and started “snowing” bits of ice like the whole city was the tray at the receiving end of the snow cone machine. Dislike. I considered Sylvia Plathing myself (minus the carbon monoxide poisoning) simply for warmth, but then I remembered fireplaces are a thing and we have one.

It has been unseasonably warm up until now. It was a good run and it can’t be warm forever. Clara this afternoon told Jack to look at the mountains because of how beautiful they were and she said “I imagine that’s what Heaven looks like”- the way the clouds made a halo around the peaks- and I couldn’t disagree.

Today was another good day. We enjoyed a slow morning. I even worked out in my pajamas this morning with my tennis shoes on like slides. We met up with Jerry for lunch and Marian was so excited that she came in to show me her outfit at least 5 times. We ran errands in the afternoon and I even managed to sneak in a little cat nap before making baked ziti for dinner.

10/10 would do today again.


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