distancing day 242 thoughts:

Today was pokey date day! The kiddos earn pokeys for doing work without fussing, going to bed without fussing, etc. When they earn 10, they get to get a prize or have a mommy date. They can save them until they’ve filled a few cards full and get a bigger prize. The first couple times they filled a card, they wanted immediate gratification. I talked them all into waiting this time and boy did we have a fun day! Mommy dates mean you get to pick a snack/meal, the music, special drinks… you name it!

Marian was first. We went to Dutch Bros for a green apple smoothie and then to the mall to the toy store. Mari Beari has never gotten to do a Build a Bear so we set out to do that initially but it was closed. They were sorry for the inconvenience though, so there’s that. Fairy Mari picked a dog in a purse with various clothing pieces for her prize at the toy store and we used the remainder of her budget to donate to Toys for Tots. Proud mommy alert. We stopped by Auntie Anne’s pretzels on the way out for a lemonade and pretzel nuggets because… when in Rome. We rocked out to Meghan Trainor there and back. Marian took it upon herself to explain to me every Meghan Trainor video she’s ever seen up to and including the one where they kissed with their tongues and I made a mental note to up the parental controls on the FireStick.

Laurel was up next. She was laser focused on her prize of a Unicorn Happy Napper, Pizza Rolls, and frozen cherries. I tried to talk her into a cake pop from Starbucks but she politely declined and made a beeline for the sleeping bag. I like a gal who knows what she wants. I asked her if she wanted to do anything else and she hoisted up her giant box and told me she just wanted to go home. Well, ok. On the way to the store and the way home, she wanted to listen to Queen of Mean from Disney Descendants 3 on repeat.

Clara was 3rd in the batting order. She wanted Chick Fil A and to shop. We hit up CFA and then headed to the store where she got a giant sack of clothes and shoes for $27 thanks to Veterans Day discounts, clearance sales, and $10 off any purchase that I had in reward points. We also popped over to Ulta to get her some age appropriate face cleanser and moisturizer. I *may* or may not have also bought myself a light up bath bomb. Clara was super duper embarrassed when I asked for “preteen face wash” until she realized that the same people who make “preteen face wash” also make “preteen tinted lip gloss” and “preteen lightweight mascara” and then she got way more interested. My little mom of 3 girls heart went pitter patter but I could hardly hear it over my wallet crying. Clara also wanted to listen to MTrain and what baby wants, baby gets on pokey date day.

The patient Jackalope was last. He doesn’t care too much about things but he and I LOVE sushi, so we went and got sushi. He requested video game EDM music for his ride to sushi and I didn’t even know that was a genre when he turned it on. He had his first Boy Scout meeting last night and they discussed marijuana, alcohol, and nicotine. I texted Jerry that I thought we could probably skip the marijuana talk but perhaps should discuss acid and mushrooms. Especially since I’ve been warned every year since 1990 that someone might slip free acid into Halloween candy to get us hooked. I digress. Anyway, Jack and I both got stuffed on sushi before we’d finished it all, but decided we weren’t quitters and a whole ass fish had to die to make it so we should just finish our rolls. I will likely regret that decision when I lay down to sleep, but it sure was yummy! We walked over to Nothing Bundt Cakes and grabbed the little individual cakes to bring home for everyone to end the day on a sweet note. Rave music jams for the ride home because mine and Jack’s car dance skills make the skids look like amateurs. Award yourself 35 imaginary points if you get that reference.

It was a long day and I’m tired, but a good full bucket tired. School tomorrow and Friday and then we get another weekend to all hang and be together. My favorite.


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