distancing day 247 thoughts:

I had no energy for lifeing today but I had to life anyway. Isn’t that the way?

Tomorrow is Blacksmith School for the big 2 so my need to life will be reduced by half for the morning. They have been making Christmas presents at BS (blacksmith school) and let me tell you what- there will never be a child as happy to give away a gift as these two. Oh! That reminds me. I found Clara’s letter to Santa. It’s the sweetest.

Don’t mind me. I’ll just be over here mopping up my tears with my dirty laundry.

We had a super weird dinner tonight- cocktail wieners in BBQ sauce, red potatoes with melted racelette cheese, and peaches. You read that right. It was tasty but the theme was struggle bus. It’s 2020. We are all out here just doing the best we can.


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