distancing day 248 thoughts:

If you think toddlers are fun: just wait until they know everything AND they start taking your shoes. I can handle one or the other, but not both. Listen, listen my beloved children. If you can’t find your own tennis shoes, why on earth would I want you to wear mine and lose those too? I found four half pair of mine today in various locations all over the house that were not the shoe home. Dislike.

The kids had BS today and Jack made me a ladle. I’m not supposed to know but he didn’t have any place to hide it and it’s too big for his pocket. I’m actually very excited. I have needed a ladle because mine disappeared sometime during the Obama Administration. Could I have replaced it? Yes. I could also wait until my son becomes a certified blacksmith baddie and makes me one. Option 2 sounds more fun. Furthermore, I always like a non-suspense surprise.

The kids are HYPE about Thanksgiving. Like hype like they’ve never been about eating turkey before. Their hypeness is rubbing off on me and I’m feeling pretty excited too! We are doing Thanksgiving with our best friends like we have the last 3 years. We shall rub our turkey down with mayonnaise and feast on alllllll of the sides. Thanksgiving feels LATE this year so as soon as it’s over we are gonna have to get hella holly jolly in this mother. I don’t LOVE Christmas but I almost unilaterally decided that we were going to get a fake tree and decorate this weekend. I decided to hold off on the fake tree but only because it’s one more thing to have to move this summer.

And finally, Winnie has been a growly bitch today. She’s growled at me like 3 times and she NEVER growls at me. She is in her heat though so imma call it PMS and let it go. I can relate.


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