distancing day 250 thoughts:

250! Well, that’s rude. The children voluntarily educated themselves on the internet platform today while I checked things off my to-do list. I managed to get everything done except smashing the patriarchy, but I truly feel like that is a recurring event.

I didn’t do any tidying yesterday on account of it being the great bbq schmear of 2020 and the olive oil bathtub incident – and my house looked like it. We are always merely one meal away from needing to be featured on a TLC special. I ended up cleaning for 2 hours today and then doing my butts and guts workout. The 3 hour stint burned 1000 active calories and almost 1400 total. Who knew these little body wreckers would also be house wreckers that give me opportunities daily to burn 1400 calories just by cleaning up after them? The dream is being lived.

I also edited some pictures and dealt with the Xfinity guy and drank water and did the same load of laundry for the upteenth time and best of all, I minded my business. Because when you mind your business you age like a fine wine instead of a banana.


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