distancing day 252 thoughts:

And on and on and on this goes.

Started the day with a full body workout. I decided I must have 5# dumbbells and probably 20#ers too. The DelMonte pears have their limits. Especially because it’s a giant ass can that my teeny tiny little Oompa Loompa hand struggles to hold. I’m not being cheeky here. I truly have teeny hands. It’s a running joke in my family because I got my grandma’s hands but she was maaaaybe 4’ 8” on a good day. So. Tiny hands and DelMonte canned fruit don’t mix. Day 1 of use I only flung one can one time. Today, I flung all the cans all the times.

Jerry worked today so we went and met him for lunch and an errand or two to get his new Army Green Service Uniform altered. He tried it on last night and mega heart eyeballs. I can’t wait to share a picture of him when it’s all altered and he has his flair on. I like the Army tux, but this pinks and greens is run behind a moving train waving a white handkerchief good. Like GOOD, sis. Ok?

Other than that- the kids mostly just played and I mostly moseyed around doing IDK what but it took all day. I enjoy the slower pace of the weekends. I realize I don’t have a 9-5 job. However, when the kids were in school- like at a building, I was in the car for hours everyday. Yes, hours. A typical day was 3-4 hours in the car. Now that they’re at home schooling, we are in that routine. Weekends are ruleless and structureless and I can dig it.


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