distancing day 254 thoughts:

You ever have a day where everything takes longer than you expected and so you’re just scramble city? That was me today. We still had a really great day, but we were a disheveled hot mess for a better part of it.

The kids knocked out their school work this AM with minimal Mommy interference. Jack even realized he hadn’t mastered a subject and voluntarily rewatched the videos and retook the test while I sat at the table and drank my coffee in stunned shock. Clara trucked right along and Marian did a fantastic job on her work too. I’m waiting to see which one of them asks me for a pony. That’s gotta be the motivator. It took a while longer than I had planned but they were cookin’ so I dared not interrupt.

Laundry did not get done today, so I am gonna need some reputable Sherpa recommendations for ascending to the top of laundry mountain tomorrow. I might also need the name of some family friendly nudist colonies. While we did not get the laundry done, we did get fingernails painted after I’d been promising to do it for a week. Fingernail painting is more important than laundry in the scheme of things. Unless Jerry and I do escape to France for a no pants staycay, laundry will be waiting for me until the day I die. These kids won’t live here forever.

Lastly, here’s a picture of my dog being needy and adorable just for funsies:


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